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About Us

Punch Above Productions is run by Guy Kingston and
Anthony Sutcliffe.

Guy has many years business experience, starting out as a stockbroker then moving to Moscow at the fall of the Soviet Union where he started and ran Moscow's leading private postal service. He has an MSc in Entrepreneurship from the University of Bristol, produces and presents the Mind Your Own Business podcast, and has recently written, presented and produced the Millionaire Masterclass, a nine part complete video guide to starting and running a buisness.

Anthony is an award winning writer and film director. He has spent his entire career in the television and film industries, working his way up from humble runner to creative director. Anthony has worked on such productions as Casualty, Funland and Tracey Beaker. His own short films have won four awards and been screened at 21 festivals on three continents. He also directed the Millionaire Masterclass. You can see Anthony's film showreel here.

Punch Above Productions is a division of Agincourt Productions Ltd.



Business savvy and creative flair are a rare combination.

We have put both to good use to make ‘high production value’ videos at marketable prices.

We’re not a bunch of filmmakers looking to cash in on a bit of corporate work, we are business people who happen to have a talent for making great videos.

We have an inherent understanding of our customers’ businesses which enables us to produce marketing materials that don’t just look good but which work – achieving our clients' marketing objectives.