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£1200 + VAT is our 'base' price and is what most of our videos cost.

For this we do one day's filming at one or two locations, and include all the editing, equipment hire, pre-production preparation (devising creative concepts, scripting, etc.) and 'royalty free' music resulting in a final 1-2 minute web friendly video.

Any extra days' filming are charged at £500 + VAT per day, and this includes subsequent editing of the material shot. Similarly, advanced on-screen graphics cost £500 + VAT per package.

We are Bristol based and our prices assume we can drive to and from the filming location and still have time to do a good day's filming. If we are travelling further afield then additional costs will probably be incurred including any transport fares or modest mileage allowance, accommodation, subsitence and crew time. We are not looking to profit from long journeys, just to cover reasonable costs. If we think these will be disproprotionate for your marketing budget we will tell you up front.

Location hire is not included, nor is location finding. In most cases these aren't necessary as we tend to use clients' own premises or, if not, clients usually find locations themselves and agree any hire terms directly.


Case Studies

Punch Above - Video 1
Base Price - £1200
Additional filming day - £500
Location hire - £100
Advanced graphics - £750
Total Cost - £2550

Framing Workshop - Video 2
Base Price - £1200
Total Cost - £1200

Adrenaline Motorsport - Video 3
Base Price - £1200
Travel - £250
Total Cost - £1450