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About Me

the story so far...
I’m an award-winning writer / director of short films with a life-long love of cinema and a keen interest in film theory and history. I’m a hard-working, upbeat person who is happiest when on a set collaborating on creating dramatic, entertaining and moving stories.
After 16 years working in the Film & TV industry in the camera dept, and writing and directing short films, I feel I’m ready to make the step up to directing drama professionally, and am currently looking for my first broadcast opportunity.

Details from my career


My films have been selected for 27 Film festivals and picked up 6 awards. Recently I was invited to direct a scene on Sky One drama Agatha Raisin, and selected to direct the BBC Casualty Christmas Film. You can see my work on the Films page of this website

Camera Dept

I have 16 years experience working professionally in the camera department, as A Camera Focus Puller on BBC 1 drama Casualty (over 50 episodes) and recently on Midsomer Murders, Agatha Raisin and two series of Sky 1 Comedy Stella. Other credits include Dr Who, four series of S4C drama Teulu and two series of Cowbois Ac Injuns, along with other TV dramas, commercials for major brands and feature films.


A lifelong love of cinema was crystallised with my Film Studies degree, grounding me in topics such as Eisenstein’s montage editing, Renoir’s deep-focus staging and The Classical Hollywood Paradigm. Keen to develop my skills and experiences, the courses I’ve completed include:
BA Hons in Film Studies at the University of Kent (2:1), NFTS Fiction Direction course (1 wk), The London International Film School: An introduction to the Craft of the Director, Acting On Camera with Mark Travis, Directing: Character & Thought with Sonia Fraser, Beyond Structure with David Freeman, Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1 Essential Training and Film Noir Appreciation at University of Exeter. I’ve also shadowed professional directors incl.
Dave Beauchamp on BBC 1’s Casualty for a month, David Moor on BBC 1’s EastEnders, Matt Carter on BBC 1’s Doctors and Simon Delaney on Sky 1 comedy Stella.