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2000 viewers!

On Wednesday this week I launched my new short film Serial Cheat on youtube. A couple of days later and it's been watched by nearly 2000 people already, which is very exciting! I decided not to do a festival run with this film and to just get it out as soon...

Director Demo Reel

I've just cut together my first demo reel for some years, and I've been able to add 7 projects to the previous version, which has been hugely satisfying. 0.00 - Montage 1.04 - Agatha Raisin: Scene from The Curious Curate for Sky One (not final mix). Director 2.24 - Serial Cheat: Excerpt from short film (not...

The Present: Launch

I’m very pleased to finally be able to launch my new short film The Present online! It stars the Welsh Bafta winning actress, Eiry Thomas as a Police Officer tasked with having to deliver some devastating news. I’ve decided to skip the expenditure of a festival run and go straight to an online...