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Midsomer Murders: 2nd unit

A new professional milestone was passed for me when I was chosen to direct all of the 2nd unit filming on series 21 of Midsomer Murders.  I had a great time shooting a variety of stuff, from green screen with the main cast to drone photography. The most memorable day was probably...

Serial Cheat Shoot

Yesterday I directed the short film Serial Cheat. It was great to be back on set again directing and the day went really well. Great cast & great crew - I couldn't have asked for more! We were a bit tight for time and had to fight the sun going down...

The Present: Launch

I’m very pleased to finally be able to launch my new short film The Present online! It stars the Welsh Bafta winning actress, Eiry Thomas as a Police Officer tasked with having to deliver some devastating news. I’ve decided to skip the expenditure of a festival run and go straight to an online...